Inbound Marketing

Your Web Site is the Gateway to your Business.  For the Love Story to Brew your need Inbound Marketing Apps

Driving Web Visitors to Fall in Love, technically driving them  down the Sales Channel is a big problem faced by Startups and Small Business. The drop rates are incredibly high. Most business pay huge amount on Advertisement and SEO, leading to high traffic but with little returns. Here we define 5 Inbound Marketing Apps to drive your Customers down the Sales Funnel. Download  Free Copy on Inbound Marketing Concept and Techniques

Call Button App


Call ButtonIncreasingly more and more customers are using Smartphones to browse the web. Our estimates are that 70% of the browsing is happening on Smartphones. This may vary depending on your potential Customers base. If your business is a local business and highly reliant on Phone Calls, you need to have this App embedded on your Website. This App only gets activated when someone is Browsing over smartphone. By tapping on the App the Calls goes to you.

If you have yourself browsed on smartphone and wanted to call a number listed on the website, imagine how hard it is to copy the number from website and then go to the dialer, copy paste it and call. Rather many people will just go lazy and will leave your website without bothering to call you. This Call Button is an amazing App to simplify your web visitors to reach out to you with just a tap on smartphone. A must to have App, for all direct to customers Business.  

It’s a WordPress App, and can be obtained from  If you are browsing our website from a smartphone, you will notice this App sitting on lower left corner in Green Colour. See the picture. 







Messengers App


Messenger App Online Many of your web visitors would be shying off in making a direct call or send out an Email. Many even have a notion that you might keep cold calling once you have the number. But if there is a Messenger Embedded in your Website which does not mandatory asks for your contact information, curious potential customers will fire you queries about your products and services and then you get a chance to convert them to paying customers.

There are dozens of Messenger Apps available to be integrated on your website, each with custom features and varying levels of scalability.

How the Messenger Apps works.

If you are browsing our website on the lower right, you will see “Let’s Talk – Online or Offline” depending on my time settings. On smartphone it comes as a small green icon on the lower right (where I place is my choice).

This App is configured to my Smartphone, so if you type a message it will come on my smartphone and I will immediately response. I can access the messenger from PC too. If your business is a big business and you are getting lots of queries on messenger, you can have a whole call center type of team attending different potential clients or customers. One can set in time when you want to be online.

Like for me I am online from Morning 9 am to Night 11:30. After that I sleep. Therefore, I have set it in a way that it will show offline during 11:30 PM to 9 am. The visitors can still leave queries with their name and Email and I can respond them later. When we grow big we will put 24 hours Support Services, but as of now its Morning 9 am to 11:30 PM all 7 days a week.

The advantages of having a Chat Box is huge

1) Your Business is easily accessible

2) Your Customers Develop confidence in you

3) You can drive the whole support system through Messenger.

Social Media Integration App

Social Media is a great way to attract potential customers. Nowadays business have to be active on Social Media. The Social Media works independently and integrates with your website. Below is an example of pop-up social media App

Social Media App


How it Works.

If you have ever used Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram you would be aware that you have friends/followers who get your updates every time you post something on your social media. For business, these social media lets you create business pages for free. They earn when you promote your business page.

The beauty of Social media is once someone like your post, his friends also gets to see that post. If you had been smart enough to create amazing posts, it will be liked and shared by followers, and followers of followers; We, commonly term it as Viral Posts. Can you create one?


How it integrates to your website

Social Media Icons can sit at any corner of your website, can float to draw viewer attention, or can pop out under certain situations e.g. when the viewer has reached to the end of the page, or the visitor is on your page for specific time; which is indicative of the fact that the web visitor is interested in your business. Popping up as soon as the visitor lands on web page is not a good idea.  The social media Links can appear at the end of Posts and/or pop out at individual pages.


E Mail before Download App

This is a great application to collect web visitors E. Mail in return for extra information e.g. White Papers, DIYs, Tutorials etc. To successfully use this App, one need to provide lots of informative information and them offer the extra bits in return for E. Mail. If your web content/Blog is not informative and incapable to draw readers’ attention, the visitor will not be inclined to leave his Email for the extra bits.


How it Works.

This App has to be individually configured for each White Papers, DIYs, Tutorials that you are offering.  This is a bit tricky configuration to make it working. It requires the partnership of 3 Apps to make it successfully working. The 3 Apps are

1 Download Monitor from

2) Contact Form 7 from

3) Email Before Download from


Download Monitor is used to upload the White Papers, DIYs, Tutorials whereby it provides a unique ID to each File. The Contact Form 7 is then used to create Box where visitors will enter the Email Address.  These 2 Apps are then layered using Email before download App.

When the user enters his email in the Box and Clicks on submit, he gets the download link. Few visitors will provide some random Email but likely they are not your customers anyway. If you are very particular about your White Papers, DIYs, Tutorials the system can be set up in a way that the visitors get the contents by Email only.


Newsletter App

Newsletters are subscription magazines that a business sends out to its subscribers regularly to promote its product and services. It integrates well with the website and just like social media can sit at a corner or can be popped out asking visitors to leave email address.

There are many free and paid Newsletters services. However it’s not easy to get subscribers unless your website or business is centered on local events, or something which has a mass appeal to public. People are more likely to subscribe to Social Media Channels than leaving an email. The other disadvantage is quiet often the emails ends in spam folder.

However, it is good to have a Newsletter plugin on your website. You can add your known business contacts and if your Website is very informative people will subscribe to it.

There are Free and Paid Newsletter Apps that can be used to Create, Manage and Integrate Newsletter to website. The paid ones ensure that they use multiple servers to send out Newsletter, thereby reducing the chance of your Newsletter ending in a spam folder. WordPress has many Free and Paid plugins for Newsletter. A very popular Newsletter service is provided by Mail Chimp.


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