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The 3 Key Components for an Effective SEO are Quality Contents, Structured Layout and Organic Development of Back-links. This Article will define how to Write SEO friendly web pages

Lets Start With Keyword Research

Keyword Research is Important because Search Engines Try to match the query word or phrase to the contents on the whole world wide web. Obviously its complicated mathematics and success for Search Engine Lies in how well they can implement it. Search engines are constantly evolving, therefore rather than trying to understand the algorithm, its best is to write quality contents as Web Pages and Blogs, keeping in mind; what would be the likely keywords your clients would be using to search business like you. That is where Keyword Research Comes in Picture. To find what your clients are looking for.

DownloadTraffic Travis and install it on your PC. Its Free. Once you open Go to Research, type in search keywords related to your business. In the Advanced Section, you can select the Country; and let it fetch the information. It will let you know the number of Searches for Each Keyword and its variations. Analyse the information and Write the Important Keywords and Phrases on Paper, which relates to your product and services. Stick that information in front of your desk and start writing contents with those enriched keywords. Below is the screenshot of one of the Searches done on Traffic Travis.

Analysing Traffic Travis Result for SEO

Interpretation of Traffic Travis Results for SEO: You can see the Keywords with Global Count and US count. These are the number of searches done for that keyword Globally and in US. Then is the Competition for that specific keyword/phrase. Following that is Average CPC (cost per click if you plan to advertise on google). That is followed by SERPs, that is the total number of results for that keyword/phrase indexed by google. There are few more columns which we wont discuss but you can read it on the Traffic Travis user manual.

SEO may look as a Mammoth Task. In fact it is true. With patience and hard work its not very hard to be on the top pages of Search Engines

How to rank High on Search Engines

1) SEO Friendly pages

2) Write 1 Blog each month. Blog should be long enough > 200 words and should provide good and accurate information. It should refer to other pages related to the information you are providing

3) If you have a country specific domain, its much easier. By doing your presence will be more in your country and very less outside your country.

4) Be present on Social Media and post your Blogs on Social Media regularly.

5) Be found on Google Maps.

6) Organically Develop Back-links. Back-links are websites which points to your website. e.g. In this article we provided a Back Link to Traffic Travis. Don’t buy the links and even if you are buying make sure its website rank is high. You can check its at Get Listed in Directories even if you have to pay. Ask bloggers to write articles pointing at your website. Aim for getting 1 Back Link every months. Back Links from High Ranking Page will put your website in high rank and the reverse is also true.

Lets Talk about the Hidden Architecture of your Website for Good Page Rank.

Title: The Title of the Page should have the words/phrase of your interest.

Based on the title, the web URL is allocated. It can be modified though. Therefore the web URL would be This is just an example.

The Title should be short and sweet but your keyword/phrase for SEO optimization should be there.

Header 1: This sentence should also have the keyword/phrase for which you are optimising the page.

On One Page there should be only 1 Header 1.

Contents can go in here. Try to enrich page with your keywords, but write naturally. Don’t unnecessary flood with keywords or phrases as it will be annoying to the reader and the Search engines are using Natural Language Processing and getting smarter.

Like Sections in a Chapter, Have multiple Sections in a well-defined architecture. The Layout is provided to the right. The sections can go to any depth, but we would recommend you not go beyond Header 3.

Have some Images. Some out-links to good websites related to topics your are writing especially for your BLOGS. Normally it is very difficult to optimise just based on the webpages, therefore regular writing on BLOGS with specific keywords is recommended.

SEO also requires Meta Tag, Focus Keyword and Alternate Text for Images

Apart from the Quality Informative well structured contents we will need

1) Meta Tags. Meta Tags are 160 characters sentence which summarise what your page is about. This is also displayed on the Search Results and the Readers normally clicks the links after reading this. Click through Rate which means has the Reader clicked in after seeing. Yes ==> Your Page Rank improves.

2) Focus Keyword: What is the main focus keyword for your page

3) For each image a textual description. This allows Search engine to understand what the image is all about.

The Focus Keyword should be present in Header 1, Title, Meta Tag description and we will insure its also present in the URL.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a month job. Its all year job. And it takes times before your website gets listed on first page of Search Engine.

SEO also required Inbound Marketing Apps integration and Fresh Content Regularly Added to the Social Media

Inbound Marketing Apps should be integrated with your website. In particular the Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ should be integrated and updated with fresh contents. The best approach is to write good quality Blogs on your website and post it on various Social Media, Your Business Page and to relevant groups. Apart from achieving good SEO, this will also help bring clients to your website and help in branding your products and services.

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